How to Install Kitchen Flatpack Cabinets

Many homeowners in Sydney are choosing to use flatpack cabinets for their new kitchen renovations. They are a great budget and DIY friendly solution. With a bit of help from online resources and some time, it is quite simple to assemble custom made kitchen cabinets to look professional. For those who don’t know, a flatpack is a custom made piece of cabinetry that comes disassembled. The pieces are all prepared to be joined together by anyone with a basic toolbox and some free time.

Installing an entirely new kitchen of flatpack cabinets can be a daunting process with a lot of tasks. The first step is designing the kitchen and its contents. It is important to select appliances and cabinets which will properly fit around them and make the best use of available space. Before beginning installation, it is important to ensure all elements of the old kitchen are fully removed. Also, any damage to walls and floors needs to be properly repaired. Then you should mark any studs in the walls where flatpack cabinets should be secured.

Now it’s time to attach the flatpack cabinets. Start with an end overhead cabinet and assemble the body following the included instructions. Secure the body to the wall and continue with the next cabinet. Make sure that each of the custom made kitchen cabinets are properly installed and flush before moving to the next one. Once the overheads are complete, repeat the same process with the base flatpack cabinets, starting from one end. Finish by installing the shelves, drawers, and doors by following the included instructions.

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